Quick update on “market conditions”. First and foremost, there is a saying in real estate that “markets are local”. What this means is that when speaking of “the market”, it should be specific to something as small as a certain neighborhood or community, for example, and NOT an entire city or county. Within Charlottesville alone, there are several “markets” and they vary considerably. That said, if there is a blanket statement to make about the real estate market it is that sales are improving. Overall the local markets have been up considerably from levels seen in the last several years. One of the issues in the local market is that sales have generally seen the greatest improvement in the lower price ranges. This mirrors the national trends as well. The pace of sales however is still below what is necessary to absorb available inventory, with some exceptions. This is even more the case in the upper price ranges. Generally, a 6 month inventory of available homes is considered a balanced market, favoring neither Buyer nor Seller. Price trends are driven by either shortage or excess of supply. Given the current level of inventory, there is still downward pressure on pricing that will likely continue for some time, and especially at the higher price points. This is therefore still a market facing downward pressure on pricing, with some exceptions. For homes within the city limits from $400-800K, for example, the inventory is short and therefore absorbed very quickly, which forces prices upwards. In contrast, outside of the city we are seeing new construction pick up with a meaningful number of new homes being built and absorbed. This further increases the competition among resale homes outside the city limits (where land to build is still available) and drives resale prices down. It’s certainly an interesting market. Definitely improving though, and without doubt the best time in the last several years to consider selling your home.

Once you’ve decided to sell your home, here’s what you can expect from us:

Prompt, reliable service. We work very hard to put together a team capable of offering our clients a service and value that is not exceeded in the Charlottesville area. Our team is always available, and always working, in some manner, towards the sale of your home.


As your Realtor, together with our brokerage, we work on your behalf as a fiduciary and you become the client, after entering into a brokerage relationship- a written, signed agreement. We are bound to represent your best interests, maintain client confidentiality and perform upon the terms of brokerage agreement.

Why us? How are we different?

  • We are truly a team. All four of us are willing and able to make a full time commitment to selling your home.
  • Experience- Rives and Brian combined have been successfully selling homes in and around Charlottesville for over 40 years.
  • Technology with resources, but also a personal touch – we answer the phone, all the time. You will not have to wait for your agent to get back to you when you have questions or concerns.
  • Reliable pricing. Accurate pricing is key to selling your home. We promise to provide you with a realistic perspective of selling your home from day one.
  • Aggressive marketing. Professional, in house, photograph, two full-time agents, in house marketing director and in house client care coordinator, will all be working towards positioning your home for a sale on your terms.